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Are you interested in timely updates on upcoming weekly auctions? Join our new VIP Text service in which we can send the latest sale info directly to your cell phone. Simply text “EMCC” to 72727 on your mobile phone to join, you can opt out anytime if you find it’s not for you. We think it will become a valuable service for most of our customers and friends.



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Cow Sales held the third Friday of each month.
December thru October
November Saturday After Thanksgiving

Here is a few of our Team:

Lori VanMaanen office mgr....573-324-2295 or
Jaun Huckstep stockyard superintendent
Justin Angell owner/field rep./QSA sale manager cell..................573-819-8000
Mike VanMaanen owner/field rep./auctioneer home...................573-881-0402
Jon Angell owner/public relations and advertising cell..................573-682-4656
Terry Syrcle field rep. from Griggsville IL home............................217-440-8384
Frank Scherder field rep. from New Hartford MO home............573-669-5321
Eric Brickner field rep. from Bunceton MO home.......................660-427-5550
Cody Hanold field rep./auctioneer from Brighton MO cell..........618-781-9810
Mike Magruder field rep./auctioneer from Shelbina MO cell.......314-605-1094
Tom Morehead field rep from Western IL cell .............................217-371-0702

See Details and Photos on the Upcoming Sales Listings page.

We are working on consignments for cow sales, if you have cows and heifers to consign give us a call… cow sales are usually held the third Friday of the month. 


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Call with any early consignments and watch website for listings.

Click above on "EMCC Information" and then click on "Upcoming Sales" for a list of sale dates plus early consignment info on each sale that we may have availible.

We are compiling early consignment info for our near monthly cow sales. If you have good take home kind of cows and bulls give us a call (573-324-2295) with the information for advertising or email Jon directly at: 


Accepting Applications
(we are currently fully employed, but our always happy to accept applications should an opening develope)
We have had several part-time stockyard labor positions open, are looking to add to our auction market team. Individuals that can be dependable, responsible, w/positive attitude, ability to work well with team mates, and to positively engage with our customers when called upon, and the ability to be physically active for long stretches of time are the basic requirements for success. Positions start at $10 per hour or more depending on experience and aptitude, we are eager and willing to train inexperienced applicants that otherwise appear to be a good fit for open positions. Positions involve working the sale every Friday and occasionally some Thursdays and possibly on a rare Saturday. Employment at EMCC carries some additional small perks in addition to a weekly check. These are mostly entry level labor positions. Employees in these positions routinely have advanced or gained valuable work experience to successfully move to better positions with us or with other employers.  Applications are available at the office, by emailed or online.
Employment Application
Eastern MO Commission Co.
16367 Bus. Hwy 61 North
(PO Box 87)
Bowling Green MO 63334
NOTICE TO OUT OF STATE CONSIGNORS: Any dairy cattle entering Missouri from out of state, including steers but excluding animals for slaughter only, are required by the State of Missouri Animal Health Dept to have a negative TB test. If such animals arrive at EMCC without this test, they will be quarantined a week and tested at sellers expense or sold strictly for slaughter only. We don't make the rules, but we are required to follow them. If you have dairy cattle you wish to sell in Missouri you can contact me (Jon) and I can try to advise on your individual situation.
Notice To Consignors and Buyers: Consigners are asked to have on file in the office a USA origin affidavit to comply with the Country of Origin Labeling laws. You can view and download this by clicking on the "EMCC Forms" up near the top of this page, print a copy off your computer; fill out and mail into us or present it with your cattle at check-in. Buyers who have not yet established a buying relationship are asked to file a with the office a "Buyers Registration Form" also available in the "EMCC Forms" tab at the top of the page for downloading and filling out prior to bidding at the sales.
Notice of Breeding Bull Requirements … 
For a bull to be consider and offered for sale as a breeding bull a few conditions must be reached, otherwise they are merely pound bulls as far as livestock market regulations require. First a valid positive Breeding Soundness Exam ( BSE )test must accompany the bull. To be valid it must be completed and dated within 30 days of sale date.  Additionally, bulls over 2 years of age or non-virgin bulls must also provide a Negative Trich test at the time of sale which requires approximately a week to obtain from the laboratory assuming no holidays or mishaps. To be valid it must be completed and dated within 30 days of sale date AND the bull would have to be quarantined away from females until after the sale. Virgin bulls can sell with a signed virgin affidavit. The livestock market vet cannot accommodate these requirements the week of the sale. If you wish to offer a bull as a potential breeding bull the seller will need to proactively satisfy the breeding bull requirements before the week of the sale. Bulls offered without meeting the breeding bull requirements … are pound/slaughter bulls.

Wuhan/COVID-19 Virus:
We continue to be cautious but restrictions have loosened up a good bit. We’d like to thank all our buyers, consignors and friends for their patience and understanding during the whole ordeal. We have no idea if Wuhan Virus will spike again but we will deal with that later if it should. We still suggest that some of us due to individual health and risk factors will want to continue to practice social distancing and refrain from gathering at our auction. We do broadcast the action and now accept bids online through by prequalified and preregistered buyers.  Thanks again for help us do our part to “flatten the curve” and remain open and of service through unprecedented times….


Eastern Missouri Commission Co. (EMCC) holds weekly sales on Fridays and Special Sales as advertised.
Fat cattle and slaughter cows and bulls start at 9:30 am with stock cows following.
At 12:30 pm we begin with veal calves, yearling and calves.
Some weeks we feature certain classes of cattle, but each week we sell ALL classes of cattle and ALL classes of cattle welcome.

We feature weaned calves and yearlings sales held in season the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month with the majority of the QSA source and age verified calves being sold on the 4th Friday. Bred cows and Pairs are featured on the 3rd Friday.
Cattle are recieved the day before sales starting at 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. or starting around daylight the day of the sales... other times by appointment... in advance please.

Each year you can expect EMCC to market around 70,000 farm fresh and farmer consigned cattle through the stockyard in Bowling Green. Our market, with the help of both consigners and buyers continues to provide an active market for a large trade territory in both MO and IL. Improvements in recent years include an expanded roof covering 100% of overnight hay and water pens as well as a redesigned ring scale with automated doors. This website is another attempt to keep our current and potential customers updated and informed as the cattle business remains fast and fluid in nature. This site is updated on a periodic basis, so check back often for continued updates. If you have questions or need of any of our market services, please contact us by phone
or in the suggestion box located near the bottom of the home page. Please include contact information so that we can clearify questions and properly address suggestions.

We can be contacted by phone at 573-324-2295 for additional service. Thank you again for visiting and best wishes to you and yours through the year. You will find more info by clicking on EMCC Information found above in the mast of this page...

Thanks again....

New Content

Take a look at the new content under Video and Special Interests.

As an example of what you will find here check out this mid-July 12 posting.

Our friend has suffered a backlash from the authorship of the National Feeder Cattle Weekly Summary from July 13th. This is the video that got Market Reporter Corbitt Wall in trouble with the Washington DC bosses, take special care to listen between 4:56 thru 5:51 on the video... I believe that everything that Corbitt reports here to be factual, but as a government employee he isn't allowed to point it out ... especially when the facts you are pointing out goes against the direction that political of the day in the Capitol.
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It's election season!
Check out this message from Herman Cain, "Elections mater, get in the game."
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