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EMCC Monthly Cow Sale Friday Dec 18, 2020.
Weigh cows and bulls followed by odd lots start at 9:30
Pre-consigned take home cows start after 12:30
Feeder cattle to follow cow sale.
Romine Farms of Centralia MO
140 Spring Cows. These will be mostly 4 and 5 year old black cows with a few crossbred cows due to start calving January and February. All weaned off BIG Charolais cross and Angus calves. These will be good producers with a lot of eye appeal.
Photo of Romine Farms Cows:

MAG Ventures of Lamoni IA
90 Young Cows. These will be a fancy set of young black cows that will be bred to good Kerns black SimAngus bulls to start calving March 10 for sixty days. The cows are wormed and poured with lepto vibrio boosters – current with a good health and nutrition program.
Buckallew Farms of Lancaster MO
55 Young Cows. These will be black cows with twenty percent being black white faces. They are bred to good Black Angus bulls to start calving February 20th.  
Tyler Linneman of Salisbury MO
40 young cows. These cows will be half black hided and half red hided running mostly 3 to 5 years old. These cows have been running with good Randy Meyer Red Angus bulls out of Brunswick MO to start calving Mid March. These cows grazed fescue pastures and ate fescue hay with just a few pounds of supplemental feed to keep them in good shape and of good disposition.

Richards Farm of Keytsville MO
25 Bred Heifers. These 40 extra fancy, high quality, big framed, commercial Angus bred heifers should average near 1200#. These Western heifers originate all from one ranch in Nebraska as calves and have been exclusively grown up and conditioned in the Richard replacement program. These heifers are AI sired by Connealy Angus Bull and all will have an excellent disposition. It is important to point out this includes acclimation to both Fescue hay and Fescue pasture for over a year. Heifers are bred to low birth weight Angus Bulls. Full brothers sired by GAR Sure Fire.  CEDs 12 & 14.  $B164.7 and 178.65. They are due to start calving Feb 15 with a guaranteed 25 day calving period. Guarantee details announced sale day. Heifers have a complete nutrition program including Purina mineral and will be up to date and current on all worming, pouring and vaccinations including Lepto Booster and Scour-Bos 9. As a regular consignor the Richards Family have expanded their long list of repeat buyers locally in EMCC trade area.

Representative Photo of Richards Heifers from previous years:

Dwight Peterson of Lancaster MO
25 Blk and BWF Cows.  These big nice cows will mostly run young; from 3 to 6 years old. They will be bred to fancy SimAngus bull to start calving Feb 18. These cows are producers that weaned off big calves October 1 and handled up until now to do it again.
Barry and Don Reno of Medora IL
20 Blk Heifers. These black heifers are out of Palmer Brothers herd of New London MO and were exposed to good proven calving ease low birth weight Angus bulls on the 10 th of May to start calving the second week of February. On the 19 th of November heifers were processed with second round of VLS-HBS and their first round of ScourBoss 9
Mike Herren of Camp Point IL
20 Cows Many of these cows will be home raised and run from 5 to aged cows. Mostly a mixture of Red Angus crossed with either Gelbvieh or Charolais with just a few black hides bred to a good Angell Thomas Charolais bull to calve March 1 thru April 15.
Rob Aslin of Bowling Green MO
18 pair dispersal. Due to losing some pasture the Aslin’s have decided to disperse the fall calving cow herd. They are mostly 3/4 Red Angus and 1/4 Simmental mostly red hided with a few blacks. They started calving Aug. 25 and the red cows have red calves and the black cows have black calves. The cows will be running from 5 years to solid mouth and have been exposed to a good Black Angus bull since November 15. These are good solid gentle cows with fancy calves by there side in an un-planned dispersal. You’ll like the cows.
Justin and Cindy Romine of Centralia MO
18 Black 4 year old cows coming with their third calf. They have been bred to an Angell Thomas Charolais bull to calve starting April 1. . Justin and Cindy calved these out as heifers and are definitely the keeping kind. Unfortunately shoulder surgery requires a lengthy recovery and letting these go to right size the winter chores makes an opportunity for the next owner.
Meyer Farms of Washington MO
15 young cows. These will be mostly 3-5 year old black cows. They were exposed to a black Angus Hoover Dam bred bull to start calving in mid- March.
We have several consignments pending so be sure to check the internet closer to the sale for photos and new listings.
Mike VanMaanen            573-881-0402
Jon Angell                           573-682-4656
Justin Angell                       573-819-8000
Terry Syrcle                        217-440-8384
Frank Scherder                                 573-669-5321
Mike Magruder                                314-605-1094
Tom Morehead                               217-371-0702
Cody Hanold                      618-781-9810
These are dates set well in advance and subject to change as current situations warrant:
Friday, Dec  4     Special Yearling & Weaned Calf Sale w/reg sale
Friday, Dec  11   Special Yearling & Weaned Calf Sale w/reg sale
Friday, Dec  18   Cow sale with regular Friday Sale
Friday, Dec  25   No Sale Merry Christmas
Friday, Jan 1        No Sale Happy New Years
Friday, Jan 8        Special Yearling & Weaned Calf Sale w/reg sale
Friday, Jan 15     Cow sale with regular Friday Sale
Friday, Jan 22     Special Yearling & Weaned Calf Sale w/reg sale
Friday, Jan 29     Regular Friday Sale
Friday,  Feb 5      Regular Friday Sale
Friday, Feb 12    Special Yearling & Weaned Calf Sale w/reg sale
Friday, Feb 19    Cow sale with regular Friday Sale
Friday, Feb 26    Special Yearling & Weaned Calf Sale w/reg sale
Notice of Breeding Bull Requirements …
For a bull to be consider and offered for sale as a breeding bull a few conditions must be reached, otherwise they are merely pound bulls as far as livestock market regulations require. First a valid positive Breeding Soundness Exam ( BSE )test must accompany the bull. To be valid it must be completed and dated within 30 days of sale date.  Additionally, bulls over 2 years of age or non-virgin bulls must also provide a Negative Trich test at the time of sale which requires approximately a week to obtain from the laboratory assuming no holidays or mishaps. To be valid it must be completed and dated within 30 days of sale date AND the bull would have to be quarantined away from females until after the sale. Virgin bulls can sell with a signed virgin affidavit AND the bull would have to be quarantined away from females until after the sale. The livestock market vet cannot accommodate these requirements on sale day. If you wish to offer a bull as a potential breeding bull the seller will need to proactively satisfy the breeding bull requirements  it is best to call the vet and schedule an appointment for Thursday. Call the barn vet directly ahead of time (Neal Martin, DVM, Martin Vet Services, 573.682.4063) at least the week before you want to sell breeding bulls. Bulls offered without meeting the breeding bull requirements … are pound/slaughter bulls.

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