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Early Consignments for our February Cow Sale
Friday February 16, 2018 in conj. w/ reg Friday Sale
Bill Richards of Keytesville MO
20 Bred Heifers. These Heifers will consist of several uniform western genetic heifers naturally pasture bred to one of two bulls calving ease Angus bulls.  HF Fate 5010 has: CED 8, WW 70, YW 126, $B 200.52 and HF Weigh Up 5051: CED 8, WW 74, YW 138, $B 179.42. These heifers will be ultra sound checked to start calving March 10 for no longer than a 21 day calving season with a guarantee that they calve before April first or can be returned to the Richard’s, details given sale day. The Richards have been sourcing heifer calves off the same proven ranches for many years. The heifers are grown and developed in their unique heifer development program with a complete nutrition and health program, which includes all vaccinations early, and breeding vaccinations and boosters. This particular set of heifers will have both the initial shot of Scour Boss in January and the booster shot in the prescribed time, so literally these heifers should be ready to turn out and have calves. The Richards family have refined their program and genetic sourcing with over 40 years experience making for a proven source of quality replacements.
Boillot Family of Madison MO
25 Cow Dispersal These cows will mostly be 3 to 6 years old with just a few solid mouth cows. The will be black, Charolais cross or bwf cows running with a Angell-Thomas Charolais bull turned in mid-November for fall calving. There are currently some fancy calves by their side demonstrating what you can expect from these good mostly home raised cows.
Bill Sonwalt of Mexico MO
15 cows. The herd has grown, and Bill needs to reduce numbers to match pasture. These will be mixed mature cows bred to good bulls and all should be in the third period.
Haegele Farms of Alhambra IL
11 Big Young Blk Cows These cows will be mostly large frame Angus running 5 to 7 years old. They are mated to a good Angus bull to start calving March 24. The cows have wintered on some silage and should be in good shape and where described as good quite and gentle cows they just have too many for there Spring pasture and some have just got to go.

Many other consignments by sale time.
Contact us to pre-consign cows for advertising purposes….
Check our website consignments page for updates. www.emcclivestock.com

These are dates set well in advance and subject to change as current situations warrant:
Upcoming EMCC  Events,

Friday, Jan 26       Special Yearling & Weaned Calf Sale w/reg sale
Friday, Feb 2         Regular Friday Sale
Friday, Feb 9         Special Yearling & Weaned Calf Sale w/reg sale
Friday, Feb 16       Cow sale with regular Friday Sale
Friday, Feb 23       Special Yearling & Weaned Calf Sale w/reg sale
Friday, Mar 2        Regular Friday Sale
Friday, Mar 9        Special Yearling & Weaned Calf Sale w/reg sale
Friday, Mar 16      Cow sale with regular Friday Sale
Friday, Mar 23      Special Yearling & Weaned Calf Sale w/reg sale
Friday, Mar 30      Regular Friday Sale
Wed. April 4         18 Annual Bull Sale
Friday, April 6      Regular Friday Sale
Friday, April 13    Special Yearling & Weaned Calf Sale w/reg sale
Friday, April 20    Cow sale with regular Friday Sale
Friday, April 27    Special Yearling & Weaned Calf Sale w/reg sale 




Any dairy cattle, including steers but excluding animals for slaughter only, are required by the State of Missouri Animal Health Dept to have a negative TB test. If such animals arrive at EMCC without this test, they will be quarantined a week and tested at sellers expense or sold strictly for slaughter only. We don't make the rules, but we are required to follow them. I plan on trying to put more info on our EMCC website or if you have dairy cattle you wish to sell in Missouri you can contact me and I can try to advise on your individual situation.


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